Our Brand

全民飞机大战蒂娜臀部 www.wahnv.icu At Dimerco, we keep driven forward with customer centric. Our information technology integration, service strategies innovation, operational process optimization, along with customer and alliance partnerships is the heart for us to become Your China and ASEAN Logistics Specialist.

Our customers all over the world collaborate with us to turn ideas into better logistic services. Together, we succeed. Together, we drive the future. Dimerco aims to communicate its business philosophy and distinctive management through logo design and color palette, which effectively make its corporate identity system (CIS) more recognizable.

Brand Position

Your China & ASEAN Logistics Specialist.

Our Signature

Our Dimerco signature is comprised of the English wordmark “Dimerco” and the dual-curve symbol.


The wordmark Dimerco is abbreviated from Diversified Merchandise Corporation, and is comprised of English characters with rounded and dignified lines, which highlight the brand’s commitment to professionalism and underlying business philosophy.


The dual curves that symbolize the smooth flow of Dimerco’s transportation service. The upward part of the curves represents our transportation and logistics services, our profession with enthusiasm in services, and determination to learn to improve for knowledge/ business growth.

  • Transportation & Logistics Services
  • Professional with Enthusiasm in Services
  • Learn to improve for Knowledge/Business Growth


The color palette includes Dimerco Orange for Service Enthusiasm, representing our striving to provide every customer satisfactory services, and Dimerco Blue for Professional Service by leveraging available technology.

Dimerco colors represent our enthusiasm and professionalism, to give our customers the innovative business management and speedy transportation service.